Alison Peters

Alison Peters is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Sydney.  She has explored ideas around media saturation, war reportage, symbols and memory and she is particularly interested in the impact of technology on our relationships: with the environment, our community and each other.

Her current body of work is a pared back, process-driven series, with interwoven layers of gestural forms exploring materiality, line and depth. They reflect her love of post-war abstractionists Pierre Soulages, Franz Klein and Australia’s Tony Tuckson.  The images are not representative, nor a conscious effort to pre-empt a particular response for the audience. 
For the artist though,  they are a meditation on our social, spiritual and environmental connections: a way of making those frameworks visible, and a comforting reminder of the
lines between us: the past, the future and everything else.

weave series I, 2019 acrylic on canvas

weave series II, 2019 acrylic on canvas

weave series III, 2019 acrylic on canvas